Gmail Accounts Face Deletion as Google New Policy Approaches

Google's recent rollout of its new inactivity policy, effective from December 1, is a timely reminder for users to take note of potential risks to their Google accounts, including Gmail, and understand the steps to keep them secure.

Google's New Inactivity Policy: Protecting Your Accounts

Gmail and all of Google's other products and services are subject to the new inactivity policy that went live on August 4. Remember that on December 1st, Google will begin deleting accounts that haven't been used for at least two years, which are considered inactive.

Risk of Losing Your Google Accounts

If you haven't logged into your Google account for two years by December 1, it falls under the category of inactive, making it eligible for deletion. It's essential to note that once a Gmail address is deleted, it cannot be reclaimed for a new account.

Notifications and alerts

Google assures users that they will receive multiple reminders before any action is taken on their accounts. These notifications will be sent to both the account holder and the designated recovery emails, if provided. These reminders will start at least eight months before the potential deletion of account content.

YouTube Accounts Exemption

The fact that YouTube is a division of Google raises the question of whether or not users' accounts are subject to the same policy. To clarify, this inactivity policy does not apply to accounts "with YouTube channels, videos, or comments," according to Google. Furthermore, accounts linked to a gift card that has been loaded or those with a published application are also exempt.

Keeping Your Account Active

To prevent your account from being deemed inactive, Google suggests engaging in various activities, including:

  • Reading or sending emails
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Sharing a photo
  • Downloading an app
  • Performing a Google Search
  • Using "Sign in with Google" to access third-party apps or services

By regularly participating in these actions, users can ensure the continued activity and safeguarding of their Google accounts. It's a proactive approach to maintaining access to the suite of Google services and products.

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