After discovering a woman's body in a Mumbai bag, police detain a suspect

The police in Mumbai have arrested a man after finding the body of a woman in a bag. For an autopsy, the body has been taken to a civic hospital.

In a murder case involving a woman whose body was discovered in a suitcase in the Kurla neighborhood, Mumbai Police have detained a suspect. In this instance, Crime Unit 5 detained a suspect. The woman, who lives in the Dharavi region, has been recognized.

The police claimed on Sunday that a woman's body had previously been discovered in a bag in Kurla, central Mumbai. The body was discovered, according to the Mumbai Police, after they received a tip about an abandoned bag at 1:30 pm.

"An official stated that the find was made after the police received a tip at 1:30 pm about an abandoned suitcase on the CST Road in Shanti Nagar, where construction is happening for a Metro project.

According to the official, when the police arrived, they discovered a woman's body inside the suitcase. For an autopsy, the body was taken to a civic hospital.

"Looking at her body, it is being estimated that her age could be between 25-35 years; the woman was wearing a T-shirt and track pants," they continued.

In addition, authorities are watching CCTV footage from nearby cameras.

Police said that a search is underway to find the person(s) responsible for her death and that the complaint has been filed under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 302 (murder).

On Tuesday night, a 53-year-old woman's dismembered corpse was discovered in a plastic bag within a cupboard at a residence in the Lalbaug district of Dadar, Mumbai. The woman's 22-year-old daughter has been detained for interrogation by the police, who suspect that she remained with the corpse for more than two months.

Veena Prakash Jain was named as the deceased woman by a police officer from the nearby Kalachowkie station. According to the police, she relocated from Virar to Peru Compound in Lalbaug about sixteen years ago, following her husband's death, so she could be closer to her brother.

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