Up to Dh50,000 fine.. Dubai Police Seize Quad Bikes Used Illegally by Children

In response to reports of disturbances caused by motorcycle riders in residential areas, the Dubai Police have confiscated quad bikes operated by a group of children.

The Director of the General Department of Traffic, Maj-General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, emphasized the serious violation of using quad bikes on paved roads, leading to the seizure of recreational motorcycles.

Illegal Use and Penalties

Quad bikes, designed for off-road use in specific environments, should not be used on public roads. Violators face penalties under Decree No. 30 of 2023, with a hefty fine of Dh50,000 required for the release of off-road bikes used on paved roads. The authorities stressed the risks associated with using these vehicles on public roads, endangering both riders and other road users.

Parental responsibility and accident prevention

Dubai Police issued a warning to parents, holding them responsible for allowing their children to use recreational motorcycles illegally. In cases of accidents resulting from such reckless behavior, parents will be held accountable for failing to supervise their children. Maj-Gen Al Mazrouei urged parents to prioritize their children's safety and refrain from purchasing such motorbikes for them.

Community Reporting for Road Safety

Highlighting the lack of proper driving behavior among recreational motorcycle riders, the police emphasized the importance of community members reporting violations. The 'Police Eye' service on the Dubai Police App and the 'We Are All Police' hotline at 901 are avenues for reporting such reckless practices. Tighter monitoring and reporting contribute to enhancing road safety in the emirate.

The police's proactive measures aim to curb illegal and unsafe practices involving quad bikes, ensuring the well-being of both riders and the community. Parents are urged to play a crucial role in preventing such incidents by adhering to regulations and supervising their children's activities.

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