Under two months before deadline: UAE ministry warns enterprises of Dh42,000 penalties for violation

Under two months before deadline: UAE ministry warns businesses of Dh42,000 penalty.

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has urged private enterprises to meet localization requirements by December 31. Firms with 50 or more employees must employ 4% skilled Emiratis by year's end.

Companies must hire 2% Emiratis annually till 2026. Late last year, corporations had to hire UAE nationals in 2% skilled jobs. A new mechanism was established earlier this year, splitting the annual aim into two: add 1% in the first half and 1% in the second.

By Dh1,000 per month per Emirati not hired, sanctions for missing the objective rise each year. Last year's penalty was Dh6,000; this year's is Dh7,000. Firms that met their semi-annual Emiratisation deadline on July 8 were fined Dh42,000 each Emirati not hired. Dh7,000 times the first six months of the year. Before December 31, companies who fail to hire 1% more Emiratis in the second half of 2023 face Dh42,000 each citizen not hired.

Private enterprises that missed 2022 Emiratisation targets were fined Dh400 million by the MoHRE.

On Monday, the ministry said businesses that haven't met their goals might use Nafis to find Emirati workers.

The MoHRE said 18,000 firms met their goals. Citizens are joining private sector occupations at a “unprecedented increase”. Private sector occupations employ around 84,000 Emiratis, with over 54,000 hired in the last two years.

MoHRE will not tolerate fake Emiratisation. In August, the government found 565 organizations had engaged 824 UAE nationals in fraudulent positions. Fines vary from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000.

Emiratisation is ‘fake’ when a UAE national is hired to achieve a firm's aim. The local employee has no real duties in such instances. Rehiring an Emirati to falsify statistics is also dubbed ‘fake’.

“We are committed to providing all the necessary resources to enhance the private sector's role as a partner in advancing Emiratisation plans and increase Emirati talents' contribution to UAE economic development,” the MoHRE said.

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