UAE weather: fog-related red and yellow advisories issued; some routes have lowered the speed limit

United Arab Emirates : Today, there is a risk of rain in the country's eastern regions.

The good news of falling temperatures and the possibility of rain in some areas of the nation today can help residents start their long weekend.

The National Centre of Meteorology has forecasted partly overcast conditions overall and cloudy conditions occasionally over some eastern locations, with a chance of light rainfall.

In certain regions of the nation, the NCM has issued red and yellow advisories informing locals of reduced visibility until nine in the morning.

Because of the fog, the Abu Dhabi Police have lowered the speed limit on the emirate's main thoroughfares. On the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain route (Al Khaznah - Rimah) and Sweihan road (Oval roundabout at Telal Sweihan and Zayed Military City at the Coopri Bridge), there is a reduced speed restriction of 80 km/h.

The weather is expected to become more humid overnight and on Sunday morning, with the possibility of mist forming over certain interior areas.

There will be light to moderate breezes, with occasional strengthening.

The UAE's hilly regions are predicted to have the lowest temperature of 11°C, while the interior regions will see the highest temperature of 30°C.

The #lowest_temperature recorded over the country today morning is 11.2 °C in Jais Mountain (Ras Al Khaimah) at 00:30 UAE Local time.

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