UAE weather: 4-day rain alert will begin today, with a low of 21°C

It is predicted to rain this evening and through Saturday. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts that the weather in the United Arab Emirates will be partly cloudy overall.

There will be clouds in the country's east. Convective storms could provide rainfall in certain cases.

During the day, the amount of cloud cover over the islands and sea will grow, possibly resulting in nighttime rain.

Rain is expected to begin this evening and last for the following three days, according to a four-day rain alert that the NCM issued earlier for the whole nation. Thunder, lightning, and rain are predicted for the east, north, and coastal regions of the nation on Thursday and Friday.

The emirates will have lows of 22°C and 21°C, respectively, with highs expected to reach 34°C in Abu Dhabi and 33°C in Dubai.

There will be light to moderate winds and mild to moderate seas in the Arabian Gulf and slight seas in the Oman Sea.

Oman Sea (wikipedia)

Many other names have been used for the Gulf of Oman by various geographers and explorers from Arabia, Iran, India, Pakistan, and Europe. Some of these names are Makran Sea and Akhzar Sea.

  • Makran Gulf
  • Sea of Akhzar
  • The Persian Sea (which includes the entire Persian Gulf as well as the Gulf of Oman)

It can be seen on old maps and in museums, and it was called Makran Sea until the 18th century.

In 2018, researchers in the Gulf of Oman verified the existence of a massive marine dead zone, a region where marine life is essentially extinct due to anoxic conditions. The dead zone covers close to the whole 165,000-square-kilometer (63,700 sq mi) Gulf of Oman, which is about the same size as Florida in the US. The rise in both ocean temperatures and fertilizer runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus is to blame.

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