UAE: Up to a Dh10,000 fine and jail for assault

The UAE, known for its status as one of the safest nations globally, maintains its security through rigorous laws. This extends beyond physical spaces to the online realm, ensuring the protection of citizens and residents.

Reserving Safety in the UAE: Legal Consequences for Assault

A recent announcement by the UAE's Public Prosecution serves as a stark reminder of the consequences individuals may face for engaging in assault. This underscores the nation's commitment to upholding law and order for the well-being of its people.

Two Scenarios, Two Sets of Repercussions

The public prosecution outlined two potential scenarios of assault, each carrying distinct legal repercussions. For those causing severe harm, a combination of a substantial fine and imprisonment awaits, emphasizing the gravity of such actions.

Degrees of Severity

In less severe cases of assault, where the consequences are below a certain threshold, perpetrators may still face significant penalties. This includes a substantial fine of up to Dh10,000 and a potential prison sentence of up to one year.

Aggravated Circumstance: Assault on Pregnant Women

Notably, the authority highlighted an aggravated circumstance of assault leading to the miscarriage of a pregnant woman. This elevates the offense to a more severe level, showcasing the nation's commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals.

Legal Framework: Article 390

The legal foundation for these consequences is established in Article 390 of Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of the year 2021, which delineates the Penal Code in the UAE. This framework serves as a robust mechanism to address varying degrees of assault.

Upholding Justice and Protection

The stern stance against assault in the UAE reflects a commitment to fostering a secure environment. By announcing these legal measures, the nation not only acts as a deterrent but also reinforces its dedication to safeguarding the rights and well-being of all residents.

Promoting Adherence to Laws

As the UAE prioritizes security and public safety, such announcements reinforce the importance of adherence to laws and regulations. This contributes to a society that upholds principles of justice, creating an environment where individuals can thrive in safety and security.

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