UAE temperatures drop, and people head outside for staycations and camping because rain

Locals have been venturing outside to enjoy the lovely weather and mild temperatures.

Parts of the United Arab Emirates have been experiencing heavy rains, and this week is predicted to bring additional rain.

Locals have been venturing outside to enjoy the lovely weather and mild temperatures.

Speaking with two of these locals who are making the most of the cooler temperatures.

From vacations at home to camping

Favas Thaniyeppil, a native of the UAE and an enthusiastic camper, said, "I went to Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah where it was drizzling." It was such a lovely day. We then went camping with a sizable party of twenty to twenty-five individuals later on Saturday. It was rather pleasant. We look forward to this time of year every year. The temperature is ideal—it's neither too hot nor too cold.

He traveled to another popular winter destination in the United Arab Emirates after exploring the untamed environment of the picturesque stay.

Later, we camped at Masfut in Ajman with a party of twenty to twenty-five people. We are currently heading to the Hatta Dam to go kayaking. These are the benefits of having nice weather here, which allows you to spend longer hours outside.

In addition, families are also choosing to unwind by staying in hotels, which provide a plethora of entertaining activities suitable for all age groups.

"We always like to do staycations when the temperature cools down, and while we are working from the room sometimes, we take full advantage of the beautiful Dubai weather," American expat Natalia Miranda said. We're taking a staycation this weekend at the Westin Mina Seyahi."

Despite the fact that it didn't rain here. Today's weather is ideal. Generally speaking, the beach can get very sunny in the mornings, which makes people feel hot. On the other hand, she claimed that the gentle breeze that blew through the morning seemed like it was petting our skin as we strolled along the sandy shore.

Since yesterday, it has been incredible. My seven-year-old son and I have been relaxing on the beach while he plays in and out of the water. We ate dinner at a hotel restaurant by the beach last night. That seems ideal as well.

With two school-aged children, Shukri Deria stated, "It's a beautiful time of year to be outside enjoying outdoor activities." The kids are scheduled to attend courses this morning, but in the afternoon, they will play basketball, visit a park, and experience the great outdoors with my spouse. Wintertime is a fantastic season for outdoor recreation and sightseeing."

Residents of the UAE always find the rain to be welcoming and refreshing. However, today's rain in Abu Dhabi was brief, perhaps lasting about ten minutes. However, it felt incredibly good, and lots of sunshine arrived later.

NCM sends out alerts

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has advised people to exercise caution, particularly while traveling into mountainous areas, as the weather improves and more people go outside. Rain might result in flooded areas and slick roadways, endangering drivers and hikers alike.

Waterfalls cascading over mountains can be seen in videos posted by the authority on X.

Early risers in Dubai too claimed to have seen the Sunday showers.

films of heavy rain and floods in Fujairah were shared on social media by the Storm Centre account. The films also showed cars driving through deep water.

The NCM issued a warning to the community earlier yesterday about going into valleys and low-lying regions when it's raining. They also warned residents to stay away from locations that are prone to flooding and that rain will continue to fall until at least 8.30 p.m. in coastal, northern, and eastern regions.

Abu Dhabi Police used X as a warning to drivers to drive carefully in the rain and to be aware of changing speed restrictions, which are displayed on electronic signs placed along the route.

Rain is expected this next week.

This week, rain is expected to persist between Monday and Thursday in coastal, northern, and eastern regions. In the Arabian Gulf, the sea will occasionally be moderate to rough, and in the Oman Sea, it will be modest to moderate.

"The country is affected by an extension of surface low pressure from the East with an extension of upper air low pressure," the NCM said in a statement. A jet stream—narrow, powerful wind bands that typically blow throughout the world—accompanies this. Convective clouds are sporadic, mainly over the northern and eastern regions, and are linked to mild to moderate rainfall and heavy precipitation over specific regions.

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