UAE rain: Dubai Police issues a warning prior to weather changes

The public is reassured by the authorities that they are prepared and properly stocked to handle any rain-related emergencies.

Due to the ongoing unpredictability of the country's weather, the Dubai Police advised drivers to exercise additional caution on the roadways on Saturday.

It rained heavily this morning in Dubai, but it stopped a few hours later. The rain persisted in other emirates into the afternoon, causing the National Centre of Meteorology in the UAE to issue yellow and orange alerts.

The police advised drivers to avoid valleys and bodies of water during periods of heavy rain. In actuality, going into flooded valleys is a major infraction that carries a Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points, and a 60-day vehicle seizure period, regardless of the degree of hazard.

Additionally, drivers are encouraged to minimize distractions, slow down, and maintain a safe distance from other cars.

The Dubai Police have promised that they are prepared and outfitted to handle any weather-related crises, particularly those that occur in potentially dangerous locations like valleys and mountains.
Pay attention to red flags.

It's also advised that people who visit marinas and beaches check the weather and put safety first. When the weather is uncertain, it is advised to heed the red flag warning, which forbids sailing and swimming.

For non-urgent concerns and general inquiries, the public is urged to contact the Dubai Police emergency number, 999 or 901.

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