UAE private sector gets extra day off for National Day Holiday

Private sector employees in the UAE have been granted an additional day off, extending the celebration of the UAE National Day into a three-day weekend.

Extended UAE National Day Break for Private Sector Employees

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization holiday plans have been updated to include all three days off for private sector employees on December 4th instead of only two days off (Saturday and Sunday).

Government workers share the holiday break.

In alignment with the extended holiday for the private sector, government workers will also enjoy a break from December 2 to 4. To accommodate this, public sector employees will work remotely on Friday, December 1, the day preceding the holiday. Fridays typically serve as a half-day for government workers, contributing to their 4.5-day work week. All employees, both in the public and private sectors, are expected to resume work on Tuesday, December 5.

Equalized Holiday Policies Across Sectors

The unified holiday policy implemented in the UAE ensures parity in the number of breaks provided to both public and private sector employees throughout the year. This approach aims to maintain equality and fairness in the treatment of workers across various sectors.

Significance of UAE National Day

UAE National Day, also known as UAE Union Day, is celebrated annually on December 2. The day holds historical significance as it commemorates the unification of the Emirates in 1971, marking the formation of the United Arab Emirates. This year's celebration marks the 52nd anniversary of the country's union.

The extended holiday period offers an opportunity for residents and citizens alike to participate in various National Day festivities, events, and activities that showcase the pride and unity of the nation. It is a time for reflection, gratitude, and national spirit, bringing people together to celebrate the achievements and progress of the UAE.

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