UAE Introduces Online Services for Essential Vehicle and License Processes

In a significant move towards enhancing convenience and accessibility, the UAE has unveiled the option for individuals to conduct essential vehicle and license services online.

Digital Convenience for Vehicle and License Services

This includes vital processes such as license verification and vehicle ownership certification, which can now be conveniently executed through a dedicated smartphone app, eliminating the need for physical visits to the Ministry of Interior.

Digital Stamp Feature Activation

The Ministry of Interior has taken this digital leap by activating the digital stamp feature for vehicle and driver licensing services through the UAE Pass on the ministry’s digital platforms. Brigadier Engineer Hussein Al Harithi, Director-General of Smart Services and Digital Security at the ministry, highlighted the initiative's alignment with the leadership's directives to enhance government services and improve customer experiences.

Streamlining procedures for efficiency

The ministry can now digitally authorize driver's and vehicle's license certificates with the use of the digital stamp capability. Customers are no longer required to physically visit service centers, as this process is facilitated by the digital ID. The importance of the digital stamp, which Al Harithi stressed, is that it provides an accessible, trustworthy, and officially sanctioned digitally signed document.

Commitment to Advanced Digital Infrastructure

Future service rollouts are anticipated, with a focus on simplifying procedures, enhancing safety and security, and ultimately saving time and effort for customers. This move underscores the ministry's commitment to establishing an advanced digital infrastructure, ensuring the provision of reliable and integrated government services, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Digital services offered through the UAE Pass

The services now available digitally through UAE Pass include:

  • Vehicle ownership certificate
  • Vehicle export certificate
  • local transfer certificate
  • Tourist travel certificate
  • License data verification
  • The first vehicle owner
  • Vehicle data verification
  • Vehicles registered under the owner

These initiatives mark a significant step towards a more efficient and technologically advanced approach to essential vehicle and license processes in the UAE.

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