UAE: How to Seek Exemption from Late Emirates ID Renewal Fines

In the United Arab Emirates, possessing an Emirates ID card is not just a convenience but an absolute necessity. This card serves as a fundamental requirement for all official transactions within the country, serving as concrete evidence of one's identity and residency.

Penalty Risks for Delay

While the Emirates ID is a crucial document, neglecting its renewal within 30 days post-expiry can lead to the accrual of late fines. The penalty stands at Dh20 per day, with a maximum cap of Dh1,000. To alleviate the burden of such fines, understanding and navigating the exemption process becomes essential.

Emirates ID
Emirates ID Renewal

Exemption Criteria:

The Emirates ID exemption criteria encompass a diverse spectrum, acknowledging various circumstances that might hinder timely renewal:

  1. People whose passports expire after three months of travel abroad are considered to have an extended stay abroad.
  2. People whose cases are pending and who may be subject to deportation, administrative decisions, court verdicts, or the seizure of their passports. Evidence from reliable sources is crucial.
  3. Individuals who did not possess an ID prior to obtaining nationality are considered to be in the pre-nationality period.
  4. Concerns with Health: People who are bedridden, have communicable diseases, or have disabilities, as proven by medical documentation.
  5. Members of diplomatic or consular missions' staffs, as well as their families, are considered diplomatic or consular staff.
  6. Customers who are 70 years of age or older and who can provide formal documentation verifying their age are exempt from paying in customer satisfaction centers.
  7. Sponsorship and Social Security: In order to be exempt from paying social security taxes, Emiratis and those sponsored by them must provide evidence of their financial standing.
  8. Instances where delays are deemed to be caused by computer mistakes.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Application Process

  1. Start the ID Card Renewal Process: You can start the renewal process by going to an authorized printing office, going online, or using the smart app.
  2. The system will display all connected fees, including late fines, in an easy-to-understand format. Go ahead if you qualify for the exemption.
  3. Please submit your exemption request through the smart services system and ensure that you include all necessary documentation for verification.
  4. Keep tabs on your app's development with our tracking feature. You'll get an SMS with the final outcome within 48 hours.
  5. Receive an SMS containing your application number and a message stating whether your application has been approved or rejected. Refusal necessitates prompt payment of penalty.

By diligently adhering to this exemption process, individuals can successfully navigate the complexities, mitigate late penalty fees, and ensure a seamless renewal process for their Emirates ID.

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