UAE: Expat wins 24K gold bar on first try in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket

Anyone buying tickets for the forthcoming live draw in November has the chance to win a guaranteed Dh15 million on December 3.

A 24-karat gold bar was won by an Egyptian expat living in Abu Dhabi during the Big Ticket daily e-draw. With her first ticket purchased from the longest-running raffle draw in the GCC, Ereen Attia struck it lucky and won cash prizes and dream luxury cars.

On October 4, Attia, an architect and mother of three, bought her ticket after being inspired by an interview with a winner.

"I noticed the interview with the past winners when I was taking some time for myself and self-care. After looking over the website, I believed I had a chance to win. So I thought I'd buy my first ticket to see if I could win."

She never imagined, though, that she would receive a reward so quickly. "Big Ticket called me the next day to let me know that I had won a 24-karat gold bar. I was taken aback. I didn't anticipate winning so quickly."

Anyone buying tickets for the upcoming live draw this month has the opportunity to win a guaranteed Dh15 million on December 3. People will also be immediately entered into a daily electronic draw the day after their purchase, offering one lucky client a chance to win a 24-karat gold bar daily.

"Many thanks, Big Ticket. It's quite rare to have a fair game, and Big Ticket is a fair game. My recommendation to everyone is to try your luck, and one day you will win," said Attia, who is settled in Abu Dhabi with her family.

Indians, Bangladeshi are lucky

This week’s e-draw saw a few Indians and Bangladeshi nationals too getting lucky.

Bappa Dey, a 48-year-old man from Bangladesh who lives in Dubai, has been purchasing Big Ticket with his three pals for the past four years.

“I am so happy. Big Ticket, for me, is the only platform that I find transparent and honest,” said Dey, a father of three children, who works as a supervisor in a private company.

Asked about his plans, Dey stated that he would sell the gold, and with the cash portion, he would send it back home to Bangladesh to help his family.

Meanwhile, Muhammed Anwar KP won after only his third attempt. The 29-year-old from the Indian state of Kerala, where he works as a driver in a private firm, learnt about Big Ticket when he used to live in Dubai. This year, after Anwar returned home, he decided to try his luck.

“I can't believe it. This prize arrived at the appropriate time as I am having some troubles with a bank loan. I will sell the gold, share the money with my brother, and with my piece, I will pay off my loan."

Meanwhile, Naveen Vengali Raveendran has finally won after purchasing Big Ticket for a long time, with his brother. The 40-year-old from Kerala has been residing in Dubai for the past 15 years.

“I didn’t expect to win the daily e-draw. We are astonished and pleased. I'll sell the gold and give my brother the proceeds. I'll utilize my share to construct a home in my nation. Big Ticket, thank you for transforming our life," Raveendran continued.

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