UAE announces National Day Ceremony Details: Dates, Venue, Events

The official ceremony for the UAE National Day, also known as the UAE Union Day, will take place at Expo City in Dubai, according to organizers.

Scheduled for December 2, the event marks the annual celebration of the Emirates' unification in 1971.

Grand Celebration at Expo City for UAE National Day

Expo City, which is currently hosting the COP28 climate change conference from November 30 to December 12, will showcase the country's sustainability narrative during the National Day ceremony. Aligned with the theme of 2023 as the Year of Sustainability, the December 2 function will reflect the Emirates' commitment to environmental responsibility.

Public attendance from December 5 to 12

Emiratis and expatriates will have the opportunity to attend the public ceremony from December 5 to 12. Further details about ticket availability will be communicated soon.

Innovative Technologies and Rich Heritage

The official ceremony promises to incorporate innovative technologies and captivating projections that highlight the UAE's rich heritage. The narrative will emphasize the threads of unity and sustainability throughout history, symbolized by elements of Sadu weaving, a traditional technique practiced by Bedouins for soft furnishings and decorative accessories. Sadu weaving is on the list of "intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding" that UNESCO recognized in 2011.

Showcasing the Interconnected World

The show's goal is to reveal the connection between tradition and technology by beginning with the origins of Emirati culture and history and working its way up to the most recent achievements. Expressing the common will to care for and protect our interdependent planet is the main objective.

Live Broadcast and Virtual Access

The official ceremony, featuring performances and storytelling, will be broadcast live on December 2 across all local TV channels and the official website. The narrative will shed light on the UAE's vision of a sustainable future, emphasizing climate adaptation, overcoming challenges through innovation, and collective action.

Previous spectacular celebrations

The UAE is known for its grand celebrations on Union Day. In 2021, Dubai's Hatta dazzled with 3D projections, light displays, and drone fireworks. Last year, the event featured an Etihad Rail passenger train, adding a unique touch to the festivities.

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