UAE: Airlines and travel agencies introduce "vacation packages" starting at AED 1600

National airlines and travel agencies have unveiled enticing holiday packages for international travel during the winter break in December.

Commencing from the start of December until the middle of the month, these packages include both flight tickets and hotel accommodation, with prices kicking off at 1,600 dirhams.

Varied Destinations and Package Prices

Travel agencies highlight that these promotional offers are designed to stimulate travel to selected destinations, with average package prices varying based on the location. The prices are lower for early reservations, and they also depend on factors such as the category of hotel rooms and additional benefits requested by customers.

Selected Destinations and Starting Prices

The holiday offers cover destinations relatively close to the region. Prices for a three-night stay start at approximately 1,600 dirhams to Yerevan, 1,800 dirhams to Tbilisi, and 1,700 dirhams to Baku. For destinations like Krabi and Pattaya in Thailand, prices start at 2,600 dirhams, and for Belgrade, it's 2,800 dirhams.

Milan offers three-night packages starting from 2,700 dirhams, while Male in the Maldives comes in at 3,700 dirhams. Zanzibar and Prague are priced at 2,900 dirhams and 3,200 dirhams, respectively.

Variability in Prices and Conditions

Prices are subject to availability and early booking, varying according to hotel category and customer-requested services. Some packages require reservations within a specified period and travel within a designated timeframe, as per the terms and conditions set by airlines and travel agencies.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Salah Mansour, Executive Director of STS in the Dubai Link Group, explains that these offers aim to boost demand for travel to specific destinations within the network. He notes that prices fluctuate based on demand levels, hotel room categories, and additional benefits requested by customers.

Yassin Diab, General Manager of Al-Faisal Travel and Tourism Agency, emphasizes that the promotional offers target increased travel demand, especially to specific destinations. He highlights the concentration of offers on destinations connected to direct flights and those facilitating visa procedures for residents.

Considerations for Customers

Customers are advised to review the terms and conditions of promotional offers before making reservations and payments. These offers cater to various customer segments, including individuals and families, and address flexibility for modifications or cancellations if circumstances require adjustments to travel plans.

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