UAE, a Dh500 fine and six black points are imposed for crossing the road without permission

Crossing roadways in non-designated areas is extremely dangerous and can result in fatalities or serious accidents. Pedestrians must follow traffic laws and use approved crossing sites in order to protect public safety.

Road safety and obedience to traffic laws are promoted by the Umm Al Quwain Police in the United Arab Emirates.

As part of its operational plan for 2023, the Umm Al Quwain Police Department has started an awareness campaign aimed at enhancing traffic safety and lowering accident rates. The program aligns with the policy of the UAE Ministry of Interior, which aims to enhance adherence to traffic regulations.

Campaign objective

This campaign's main objective is to inform drivers and pedestrians about the need of following traffic laws, particularly when crossing the street. It underlines how crucial it is to yield the right of way to pedestrians and how important it is that they use approved crossing zones. The campaign emphasizes how important it is to follow these regulations in order to save potentially fatal accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Application and repercussions

Drivers are reminded that they would face a heavy punishment of 500 dirhams and six black points added to their licenses if they do not yield to pedestrians at marked crossings. A charge of 400 dirhams is levied against pedestrians who attempt to cross highways without authorization.

promoting traffic safety via instruction

The UAE consistently highlights the necessity of adhering to traffic laws and the possible consequences of doing otherwise. The goal of the authorities is to make driving safer and raise public knowledge of the repercussions of breaking these laws. These initiatives help to accomplish the overarching objectives of lowering accident rates and encouraging safe driving practices.

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