UAE: 50% Discount on Traffic Fines in Umm Al Quwain for National Day

In anticipation of the UAE's 52nd National Day celebrations, Umm Al Quwain's authorities are taking proactive measures to enhance road safety with a special initiative.

UAE's 52nd National Day Spurs Traffic Safety Initiative in Umm Al Quwain

According to the General Command of Umm Al Quwain Police, all traffic offenses committed within the emirate before November 1, 2023, will receive a significant 50% discount.

Exclusive Offer Period

There will be a special opportunity for individuals to fix their violations between December 1, 2023, and January 7, 2024, when this offer will be available exclusively (with the exception of serious transgressions).

Encouraging compliance and responsibility

Promoting accountability and compliance with traffic regulations is the major objective of this program, which aims to motivate people to pay off outstanding traffic fines. Authorities hope that by providing a steep discount, they may raise awareness and emphasize the significance of safe driving practices among both locals and tourists.

Exclusions and Safety Priorities

While the reduction does apply to most infractions, it does not cover some very serious ones. Some examples include driving carelessly and putting lives in danger, ignoring red signals while heavy, light, or motorcycle traffic is present, going faster than 80 km/h, or tampering with the vehicle's engine or "chassis" without authorization.

Timely Incentive for Responsible Driving

This program highlights the significance of collaborative efforts in making roadways safer while also providing a financial advantage to citizens as the emirate prepares for National Day celebrations. It helps increase compliance with traffic laws by providing a timely incentive for safe driving habits.

Limited-Time Opportunity

People are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time discount and take care of their traffic tickets quickly because it is not available forever. Not only will they get lighter penalties, but they'll also be helping to make driving in Umm Al Quwain a more responsible and safe habit for everyone.

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