The UAE imposes fines up to 2,000 dirhams and six black points on these violations

The Ras Al Khaimah Police have released a notice cautioning drivers against engaging in risky behavior when driving in wet weather.

Rain Violations Advisory

The advisory highlights specific activities that drivers should avoid, such as sitting or crossing flood streams, approaching pools of water, and crossing fast-flowing flood streams.

Additionally, leaving children to play around areas with ponds and ravines is strongly discouraged, and drivers are urged to strictly adhere to main roads and thoroughfares, especially in challenging weather conditions.

Prohibited Activities During Rainfall

References to pertinent sections of the Federal Traffic Law reinforce the warning. Article (113) addresses the violation of "gathering near places of valleys, torrents, and dams during rainfall," resulting in a fine of 1,000 dirhams and the addition of six traffic points to the driver's record. Article (114) focuses on the violation of "entering valleys while they are flowing," imposing a more severe penalty of a 2,000-dirham fine, 23 traffic points, and a vehicle impoundment period of 60 days.

Furthermore, Article (117) emphasizes the consequences of "hindering competent authorities from carrying out their work in regulating traffic, ambulances, and rescue during emergencies, disasters, crises, rainfall, and valley flows." This violation incurs a 1,000-dirham fine, four traffic points, and a 60-day vehicle impoundment.

Adhering to Safety Procedures

The notice underscores the need for drivers to adhere to safety procedures during rain. This includes increased attention, caution, and anticipation of mistakes by other drivers. Drivers are advised to follow safety protocols, such as using low beams, ensuring safe braking after crossing water, staying away from valleys during rain, checking the stability of tires on wet surfaces, reducing speed for better control, and staying on the correct path while avoiding the edge of the road to minimize the risk of accidents.

These measures collectively contribute to enhancing road safety and preventing violations during adverse weather conditions.

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