The UAE court sentenced an expat to six months in prison and a DH220,000 fine for this reason

In a case of betrayal of trust, an Asian financial representative working for a company in the UAE exploited his position by embezzling employee salaries entrusted to him.

Financial Representative Embezzles Company Funds, Sentenced in Absentia

After absconding from the country, the company took action by filing a report against him. Subsequently, the Public Prosecution referred the accused to the misdemeanor court, where he was convicted in absentia and handed a six-month prison sentence along with a fine of 220,000 dirhams, equivalent to the amount he misappropriated.

Details of the case:

The 43-year-old accused, employed as a financial representative, was responsible for receiving employees' salaries through checks and depositing them in the bank on behalf of the company. On the day of the incident, he received 220,000 dirhams, representing three checks intended for deposit. Instead, he seized the funds for personal gain and promptly left the country.

Legal Proceedings:

The company, upon discovering the embezzlement, initiated legal proceedings by filing a report against the accused. The case was referred to the misdemeanor court, where the accused, despite being summoned, did not appear to defend himself.

The court, after examining the evidence, found the accusations valid, constituting the crime of embezzlement. The verdict stipulated a six-month imprisonment, deportation from the UAE, and a fine equal to the amount misappropriated.

Judicial Response:

The court's decision underscores its commitment to holding individuals accountable for financial crimes, even in their absence. The imposed penalty aims to serve as a deterrent against such fraudulent activities and emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the trust placed in financial representatives. The company's proactive approach to pursuing legal action demonstrates the seriousness with which such offenses are treated in the UAE legal system.

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