Dh3,000 fines for violators: New speed limit on Dubai-Sharjah road

This is a handbook about speeding fines, black points, and car seizures in the United Arab Emirates.

If you're one of the hundreds of drivers who use Al Ittihad Road to commute between Dubai and Sharjah every day, don't forget to slow down and observe the new speed restriction to avoid paying heavy fines that might reach Dh3,000.

The authorities declared on Tuesday that the speed limit on a significant portion of the road will be lowered from 100 KMPH to 80 KMPH as of November 20.

It is recommended that drivers pay attention to new traffic signs that will be placed along the route where the restriction is in effect, which stretches from the Al Ittihad Road border between Sharjah and Dubai to the Al Garhoud Bridge.

Speeding is a major traffic infraction in the United Arab Emirates that carries fines ranging from Dh300 to Dh3,000, contingent on the degree of the driver's overage. Black points and, in certain situations, car seizure are further consequences of the penalty.

This is a guide to speeding fines under federal traffic law in the United Arab Emirates:

  • If you surpass the speed limit by more than 20 km/h, you will be fined Dh300.
  • If you go over the speed limit by 30 kmph or more, you will be fined Dh600.
  • exceeding the speed limit by up to 40 kmph will result in a Dh700 fine.
  • If you over the speed limit by more than 50 km/h, you will be fined Dh1,000.
  • exceeding the speed restriction by up to 60 kmph: 15 days of confiscation, 6 black points, and a Dh1,500 fine
  • exceeding the 60 mph maximum speed restriction: Dh2,000, 12 penalty points, and a 30-day hold
  • exceeding the 80 kph maximum speed restriction: 23 black points, a Dh3,000 fine, and a 60-day confiscation period
  • If you drive below the posted minimum speed restriction on the road, you will be fined Dh400.

Road markings will be changed to notify drivers of the new speed zones, and new signage is being erected to emphasize the new speed limits.

One of the busiest and most heavily used roads connecting the two emirates is Al Ittihad Road.

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