The Integrated Transport Centre announces a 3-day ban on certain vehicles entering Abu Dhabi

In advance of the upcoming UAE Union Day celebrations, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi has placed a temporary ban on some cars entering the city.

Temporary Vehicle Ban in Abu Dhabi During UAE Union Day Celebrations

Commencing on December 1 and concluding on December 4, 2023, this restriction primarily impacts sizable vehicles, including trucks and buses, utilized for the transportation of workers to Abu Dhabi.

Limits and Exemptions: Navigating the Temporary Ban

During the specified period, certain entrances to Abu Dhabi, including prominent bridges like Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Mussafah Bridge, and Al Maqta Bridge, will be off-limits to the mentioned heavy vehicles. Notably, exemptions are in place for vehicles associated with public sanitation companies and logistic support services, recognizing their essential role during this time.

Caution on the Roads: ITC's Advisory to Road Users

The ITC has issued a cautionary advisory, urging road users to exercise caution, drive responsibly, and adhere to traffic rules and regulations during this temporary period of vehicle restrictions. The aim is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and enhance safety on the roads.

Union Day Celebrations: Extended Weekend and Festive Highlights

Coinciding with the UAE Union Day holidays, the temporary vehicle ban aligns with the broader context of celebrations. Government and private sector employees can anticipate an extended weekend from December 2 to 4, with normal work resuming on December 5. The festivities include the Sheikh Zayed Festival, featuring a vibrant array of events, activities, and shows in honor of the 52nd National Day.

Abu Dhabi's Dazzling Decor for National Day

Adding to the celebratory ambiance, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has adorned the streets with 4,800 lights, creating a visually stunning display across key locations such as Abu Dhabi Corniche Street and major highways. These vibrant and diverse designs symbolize the spirit and joy of the nation during the National Day celebrations.

As the UAE gears up for Union Day, the temporary vehicle ban reflects a strategic approach to ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation during this festive period.

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