Six methods to simplify your COP28 visit in Dubai

Participants' easy access inside the location will be facilitated by environmentally friendly forms of transportation.

Ahead to COP28, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has developed a detailed plan to facilitate citizens' movement in a more convenient, quick, and economical manner.

Expo City Dubai will host the premier international event from November 30 to December 12.

According to its plan, RTA will transport participants in the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18) as well as representatives of businesses and the general public between the Green Zone and the Blue Zone.

Eco-friendly transportation would also make it easier for people to enter and exit the venue.

At the event location, RTA will use a variety of transit options, including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus, and taxis, to guarantee mobility management and efficient traffic flow.

For the duration of the meeting, COP28 attendees can travel public transit in the nation for free thanks to special edition nol cards.

Metro schedule

Expo 2020 Metro Station will be the main entry point for the Dubai Metro, which will be a crucial means of transit during the climate conference.

The RTA will extend metro operation hours to 5 a.m. till 1 a.m. the following day throughout the conference time.

Furthermore, attendees can take advantage of free multi-level parking at stations like Jebel Ali Station, Etisalat by e&, and Centrepoint.

Taxis and buses

Ten electric buses and 67 biofuel-powered buses are to be used at four locations within Expo City Dubai to transport tourists.

In order to get delegates and organizers to important spots in the city including JBR, the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, and others, RTA has also added new bus routes.

RTA has placed more than a hundred directional road signs directing drivers to the conference location in order to prevent any confusion.

There will be more than 10,000 hybrid taxis and 1,000 luxurious electric cars available to taxi customers. These vehicles can easily enter Expo City through four designated stops: Opportunity Gate, Mobility Gate, Sustainability Gate, and Metro Gate.
Climate and youth

In an effort to encourage young people to take up climate action, RTA has given young conference attendees free "pre-charged" nol cards.

Those attending the conference can find the quickest and most convenient way to the venue by downloading the 'S’hail' app and obtaining a nol card.

Young participants are being invited by the RTA to use public transit as a sustainable means of enjoying Dubai's scenery and helping to cut carbon emissions.

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