Ras Al Khaimah Court: 10,000 Dirhams Fine for WhatsApp Insult

An Arab man in Ras Al Khaimah faced legal repercussions for sending offensive audio clips via WhatsApp to another individual, resulting in harm to the victim's family reputation.

The man was charged with insulting the victim's family and inciting strife and discrimination through his actions.

A man is fined for offensive WhatsApp messages

Ras Al Khaimah's Public Prosecution was notified of the matter, and the accused were subsequently referred there. The individual was ordered by the Criminal Court to remove the audio recording that contained derogatory comments directed against the victim's family and was fined 10,000 dirhams for his disrespectful behavior.

The court also ordered the defendants to pay the overdue fees. Since no one dared to dispute the decision, it was declared final.

Compensation for damages:

At the same time, the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court of First Instance made a separate ruling ordering the defendant to pay the plaintiff 10,000 dirhams for material and emotional losses. The plaintiff's sentiments were hurt, and societal unrest could have broken out as a result of the insulting audio clips delivered via WhatsApp.

Plaintiff's Claims:

The plaintiff, in his lawsuit, highlighted that the defendant shared insulting and slanderous audio clips targeting his family within a WhatsApp group. Fearing potential conflicts, the plaintiff promptly removed the defendant from the group and deleted the offensive content. Subsequently, he filed a report against the defendant with the authorities, seeking 50,000 dirhams in compensation for the damages suffered, including both material and moral aspects.

Court's Perspective:

The court affirmed the validity of the criminal court's ruling, emphasizing the defendant's conviction for actions that harmed the victim's family reputation and challenging the validity of its lineage. The court refrained from re-examining this aspect, acknowledging the previous legal determination. It focused on estimating the compensation for the damages inflicted on the plaintiff and recognizing the moral harm caused by the offensive messages.

Compensation Awarded:

Considering the psychological pain and hurt feelings experienced by the plaintiff, the court assessed the compensation for moral damages at 10,000 dirhams. The defendant was obligated to pay this amount in addition to covering the associated expenses.

This case underscores the legal consequences of using communication platforms for offensive conduct and the importance of seeking compensation for damages in such instances.

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