The UAE Court ruled to compensate a man 15,000 dirhams for a wardrobe

In a recent ruling, the Khorfakkan Civil Court of Appeal has mandated compensation of 15,000 dirhams for a man who faced damages due to Minjara's failure to timely deliver five wardrobes. The contractual breach, which resulted in the appellant being unable to benefit from his residential villa as planned, prompted legal action.

Contractual Agreement and Non-Compliance

The appellant had entered into a contract with a carpenter, agreeing on a specific amount for the detailed wardrobes and setting a 60-day implementation period. Despite the appellant fulfilling most payment obligations, the carpentry company failed to meet the agreed-upon timeframe, causing the appellant significant inconvenience.

Legal Proceedings and Counterclaim

Seeking redress, the appellant initiated legal proceedings in the Khor Fakkan Federal Court, requesting the involvement of a specialized technical expert. The carpentry company responded with a counterclaim, contending that it had urged the appellant to receive the wardrobes and settle the remaining amount, a proposition allegedly rejected by the appellant.

Expert Evaluation and Court Decision

The court relied on the expert's report, which unequivocally supported the appellant's claim that he had fulfilled all contractual obligations. The report emphasized the carpentry company's failure to deliver the products within the agreed timeframe, resulting in damages to the appellant's property and denial of its intended use.

Compensation Ruling and Legal Implications

As a consequence, the court ruled in favor of the appellant, ordering the carpentry company to pay compensation amounting to 15,000 dirhams. This verdict underscores the legal consequences of breaching contractual agreements and the importance of timely and faithful fulfillment of obligations to prevent damages and uphold the integrity of business transactions. It serves as a reminder of the legal recourse available to individuals facing losses due to contractual breaches in the UAE.

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