'If you didn't know it was a violation': UAE cyclists reminded of Dh400 fine

Drivers must use an additional number plate when attaching bicycles to the rear of their cars to ensure clear visibility

Winter has here – providing UAE cyclists the perfect conditions to tackle the tracks. Some might not know, however, that riding rules in the country are not just about respecting traffic signs and keeping on suitable lanes. There are rigorous laws for putting bicycles on carriers linked to autos. A fine also applies.

An Abu Dhabi resident and bike enthusiast learned the lesson the hard way. JO had to pay a Dh400 fine for hiding his vehicle's number plate with his bicycle mounted on the back of his automobile.

Drivers must use an additional number plate when attaching bicycles to the rear of their cars to ensure clear visibility. Here's how to correctly install the second number plate to the carrier:

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police initiated a program encouraging drivers to affix an additional number plate on the base of the bicycle holder at the boot or the trunk of vehicles carrying bicycles. If the number plate of the car is blocked, it is deemed a traffic infringement and is subject to a fine.

Indian expat G Sahany and his 6-year-old son have registered for Dubai Ride, which will take place on Sunday, November 12. The two will be driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to partake in this yearly event.

Sahany remarked, "I've registered for Dubai Ride, which is occurring this weekend. My goal was to participate with my kid and connect our bikes to the rear of my 4WD for the ride to the venue. But now that I'm worried, I might get fined if I put in a bike rack. I was unaware that it was against the law, but the government's move makes things clearer."

Mohtashim Rizvi, a resident of Dubai, intends to ask for an extra number plate. He regularly cycles to Mushrif Park to appreciate the greenery. Rizvi stated, "I am well aware of the rule, and to prevent any fines, I enquired about the number plate when renewing my car registration."

"I will have to apply online and then pick it up from Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA)," he continued. Before the fitness challenge this week, I will do this.

As Rizvi indicated, applying for an extra number plate for a mounted bicycle rack is a Dh35 service that may be done through the RTA website. A short, colored Expo or Dubai branded plate would set drivers back Dh200. That only requires "three minutes" to implement.

The Federal Traffic and Traffic Act requires license plate numbers to be displayed on vehicles. Abu Dhabi Police have promised to police the law more strictly and to prosecute any violators.

Residents of Abu Dhabi can get an extra license plate for their bike rack by following these steps:

The spare license plate is available for purchase at any Abu Dhabi Police station servicing location. Drivers must pass a technical test, pay the requisite amount, and then acquire the plate in order to obtain it.

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