How may I apply to get my Emirates ID late fees waived?

Do you wish to get a waiver from Emirates ID fines? You have to meet one of these requirements.

There are three circumstances under which applicants may ask to be spared from late fees.

Dubai: According to a Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) internet article, if you postponed renewing your Emirates ID, you might be spared from late fines and penalties.

The three circumstances under which applicants may be excluded from the penalty were also provided by the authorities, along with information on how to petition for the exemption.

Categories free from fines for Emirates ID delays

ICP states that the following situations qualify a person for an exemption from the delay penalties:

  1. an individual whose ID card's validity expired after the date of departure and who has been out of the country for more than three months.
  2. A person whose passport has been seized in ongoing legal proceedings, or whose ID card has expired following their deportation pursuant to an order, administrative decision, or court ruling; this information must be supported by a letter or receipt from the relevant authorities that either suspended their ongoing legal proceedings or deported them.
  3. A person who did not receive an ID card during the time they were waiting to be granted nationality and to receive their family book.

Three methods for submitting an exemption request

Applying for the exemption can be done via the following methods:

  1. ICP Customer Satisfaction Centers
  2. Use the 'UAEICP' app, compatible with Apple and Android devices, or the Smart Services website at from ICP.
  3. Typing centers that have ICP registration.

How to submit an online exemption request

You will be given the total cost of the ID renewal, including late fees and penalties, when you apply to renew your Emirates ID online.

You will now have the opportunity to apply for an exemption, and if you fit into any of the three previously mentioned categories, you will need to present supporting documentation to support your claim.

You will receive an email and/or SMS from ICP informing you whether or not your application for the exemption has been approved.

Cost: It costs nothing to apply for the Emirates ID exemption.

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