UAE: Green residency visa after seven years working independently

You need a UAE visa in order to be able to work there. The country provides three different resident visa options: a standard work visa, a green residency visa, and a visa for assistance workers. To be able to work in the United Arab Emirates, you must first acquire UAE visas.

Foreign nationals who are employed in the UAE's private or public sectors are qualified to get a regular work visa in addition to working in any of the country's free work zones. Highly qualified workers have the option of applying for a green residence visa, which entitles them to a maximum of five years of legal residency.

Let's define a green residency visa first.

In 2021, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) began granting this specific type of resident visa. The bearer of this visa is permitted to stay in the nation for a duration of five years without the need for a sponsor from an employer, host, or guarantor. Additionally, when the visa's validity has expired, the residency may be renewed.

In an effort to expand the local labour market and to lure a sizable number of international workers to migrate there, the United Arab Emirates has introduced this new visa.

Getting a green residency visa in the United Arab Emirates has advantages

  • The visa enables access to a number of other distinctive financial services in addition to making it possible to open a bank account within the United Arab Emirates.
  • The UAE will only accept applications for driving licences from people who have a green residency visa.
  • receiving extensive medical care as well as a variety of government benefits, such as health insurance, among others.
  • It is possible for the holder of the visa to enrol their kids in either public or private schools.
  • The visa holder is able to work and invest in the UAE.
  • It also grants first-degree relatives of the visa holder, such as the visa holder's wife and children, access to a range of incentives that can help them obtain residence permits. This makes it simpler for the visa holder to bring his family with him.
  • Children as young as 25 years old are welcome to apply.

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