Emiratis make about 74% of FANR’s workforce

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) offers Emirati personnel long-term career prospects through recruiting, knowledge transfer, and training and development initiatives.

Emiratis made about 74% of FANR's 248 employees in 2022. According to the FANR 2022 Annual Report, FANR continues to attract skilled Emiratis to satisfy its business needs, adding an extra 22 Emiratis during the review period.

FANR also recognises the critical role that women play in carrying out its mission. As a result, FANR has designated two Emirati Champions to promote Gender Balance and Equality in accordance with government directives.

Women account for more than 45% of FANR's total workforce and hold critical leadership positions in areas such as Nuclear Safety, Radiation Safety, Finance, and Education and Training. Females account for 44% of the authority's leadership. FANR believes that Emirati women can contribute significantly to the nuclear business, as 39% of the authority's technical staff are women. There are also female FANR staff who have finished postgraduate nuclear science courses.

FANR is dedicated to providing chances for women to improve their careers and make substantial contributions to the authority and the UAE nuclear industry by promoting an open and equitable work environment for all employees. FANR is confident in its ability to achieve its aims and accomplish its regulatory mandate by cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion.

''We continue to place a premium on developing Emirati capability in the nuclear regulatory sector, recognising that this is critical to guaranteeing its long-term viability. We also kept our development activities, such as our internship and developee programmes, going, and invested in our current and potential leaders to prepare them for the future. I am delighted that Emiratis account for more than 74% of FANR's overall workforce, with women accounting for more than 44%, said FANR Director General Christer Viktorsson.

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