UAE Identifies 3 Categories Eligible for Emirates ID Delay Fines Exemption

In regards to Emirates ID card late fees, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has designated three groups that are exempt.

Exemption from Late Fines on Emirates ID Card

  1. The first category includes individuals who left the country, with more than three months having passed since their departure, and whose ID card validity expired after leaving the country.
  2. The second category comprises individuals whose ID card validity expired after deportation by order, administrative decision, or judicial ruling, or whose passport has been seized in pending cases. This exemption is contingent upon providing a letter or receipt from competent authorities confirming the deportation or detention of pending cases.
  3. The third category covers individuals for whom an identity card was not issued before acquiring citizenship or obtaining the family book.

Requesting Exemption: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Authority has outlined a straightforward process for requesting exemption from late fines on the Emirates ID card through its official website,, or the UAEICP smart application. The procedure involves initiating the process by submitting a renewal request for the ID card through smart channels.

Subsequently, individuals can check the fees due, including any late fees incurred. If eligible for exemption, they can proceed to submit the service request, including the required documents, through the smart services system. Afterward, individuals can track the progress of their request and obtain the result, whether it is approval or rejection. Upon approval, the final step involves completing the application with the issuance of the ID card.

Mandatory ID Card for UAE Residents: Responsibilities and Uses

Emirates ID cards are mandatory for all UAE residents, encompassing citizens, Gulf Cooperation Council nationals, and expatriates. Individuals falling under these categories must apply for an ID card and renew it upon expiration.

The responsibilities of an ID card holder include carrying it at all times and presenting it upon request in accordance with the law.

The ID card serves various purposes, such as identity verification, facilitating access to government services in the UAE, participating in the Federal National Council elections, serving as a travel document for Emirati citizens traveling to GCC countries, allowing passage through electronic gates (eGates) at the country’s airports, and acting as a means of payment at selected banks or services. These functions align with the digital government initiatives in the UAE.

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