UAE cautions public over investment scam using airline identity

An investment scam using Emirates' illustrious brand is circulating on Facebook, and the airline has issued a strong warning about it.

The deceptive article, which features a photo of the CEO with an Emirates airliner, makes an unfounded announcement about a new platform for trading in Emirates equities.

Emirates' Cautionary Statement:

Fraud investment possibilities have been making the rounds on social media, according to a statement from an Emirates representative. "You should exercise caution," the representative warned, adding that all official announcements from Emirates are made through their official channels. "We are aware of a social media page circulating regarding fraudulent investment opportunities at Emirates, and we advise caution."

Deceptive Registration Process:

A daring claim on the registration form entices potential investors: "Would you like to make $250 into $7,500? We'll explain how through one of our investors." Those who fill out the form will receive a thank-you note and a callback guarantee within 24 hours. A last message during the registration procedure entices individuals who choose to ignore the call, saying, "Be ready to answer our call because there is a bonus awaiting you."

Investigative Revelations:

According to the investigation, the Trademasterhub website is just one month old and does not have any information regarding its owners. Scamadviser, a website validity evaluation tool, has concerns regarding and suggests that customers verify the site's reliability on their own. The website and its linked Facebook page have already disappeared, continuing a worrying pattern of linking questionable online platforms to prominent UAE and international figures and institutions.

Malvertising Tactics:

Cybercriminals are increasingly blurring the lines between malvertising and deceptive advertising, employing morphed images to create an illusion of legitimacy. This follows a pattern where unsuspecting individuals encounter a celebrity's image with a catchy headline about significant earnings from an investment scheme while browsing social media or trusted websites. Clicking on such content directs users to a third-party page illustrating purported profits.

After providing details, a fund manager contacts them, encouraging an initial investment. However, the promised returns never materialize, and the expected call never arrives, leaving victims at a financial loss.

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