Dubai: Two Gulf nationals were sentenced to prison for this reason

The Court of Appeal in Dubai has affirmed the Criminal Court's verdict, sentencing two Gulf nationals to three months in prison.

Two Gulf Nationals Face Three Months in Prison

Their crime involved stealing distinctive number plates from a vehicle parked outside its owner's villa. The stolen plates were then affixed to another car, later used in the commission of a separate theft. This incident sheds light on the increasing cases of license plate theft and their subsequent use in criminal activities.

Details of the Case: License Plate Theft and Subsequent Crime

The victim, a car owner, had parked his vehicle in front of his residence in a residential area of Dubai. Observing the theft in progress, he noticed the defendants stopping their car in front of his villa. One of the culprits removed the license plates from the victim's vehicle, while the other acted as a lookout. Upon realizing they were being observed, the thieves fled the scene with the stolen plates. The car owner promptly reported the incident to the police.

Police Investigations Unveil Additional Offense

In response to the complaint, the police initiated a thorough investigation. It was discovered that the defendants had not only stolen the license plates but had also affixed them to their own vehicles. Subsequently, they used the altered car to commit a separate theft in another emirate. This revelation added another layer to the charges against the accused, demonstrating a pattern of criminal behavior beyond the initial license plate theft.

Legal Consequences: Upholding the Verdict

The Criminal Court initially sentenced the two defendants to three months in prison, holding them accountable for both the license plate theft and the subsequent criminal act committed with the altered vehicle. The Court of Appeal's decision to uphold this sentence reinforces the severity of the offense and serves as a deterrent against such activities.

License plate theft is not only a violation of property rights but also poses a serious risk as stolen plates can be used in various criminal activities. The legal system in Dubai remains vigilant in addressing such crimes and ensuring that individuals engaging in unlawful activities face appropriate consequences.

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