Dubai unveils drone delivery routes and landing zones

After finishing the initial phase of the 'Dubai Horizons' project, Dubai is getting ready to use drone deliveries.

This project is a joint effort between the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority; its primary goals are the establishment of drone landing zones and the planning of routes across low-altitude airspace.

Dubai Horizons Project Marks Milestone Towards Drone Deliveries

In the initial phase of the initiative conducted at Dubai Silicon Oasis, the evaluation covered aspects such as the security of air navigation, privacy guidelines, drone activities, and the planning of low-altitude airspace.

Evaluation at Dubai Silicon Oasis

A BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) study lasting three weeks was conducted in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), which was used as the project's testing ground. Transporting different consumer goods safely within the DSO region was the focus of this research, which evaluated drone activities beyond the usual visible range of a human pilot.

Parachutes and collision avoidance systems were among the many safety features included in the drones, along with their own unique networking and navigation systems.

Key Project Objectives

The 'Dubai Horizons' project aims to enhance Dubai's readiness for drone use, particularly in the context of air delivery services. Once completed, the project intends to establish clear and well-defined routes for drone deliveries, contributing to improved air navigation security and safety standards. Additionally, the initiative seeks to create a conducive investment climate in the logistics sector.

Dubai Municipality's Role

As part of the initiative, the Dubai Municipality will offer 3D models of Dubai's landmarks and infrastructure as well as digital geospatial twin databases of the city. The municipality will also provide cutting-edge geospatial solutions, planning guidelines, and information on land categorization and legislation.

Dubai's Aspiration for a Global Drone Industry Hub

Mohammed Abdullah Ahli, Director General of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, set out to establish Dubai as a global leader in the drone industry. The city plans to develop a network of mini-runways and airports across the emirate to facilitate drone systems, which will link different buildings and sites.

Anticipated Benefits and Future Outlook

Drone deliveries are expected to significantly reduce parcel delivery times, contributing to greater efficiency and convenience. Companies like Aramex and Dronamics have expressed plans to implement cargo drone deliveries in the UAE, potentially starting as early as next year. The 'Dubai Horizons' project aligns with these advancements, positioning Dubai at the forefront of the evolving drone industry.

Towards Autonomous Snack Deliveries

A recent demonstration during Gitex Global 2023 showcased the potential use of autonomous drones for delivering snacks in Dubai. FEDS Drone-Powered Solutions and Chinese company Meituan UAS demonstrated the pilot project, emphasizing the speed and efficiency of drone deliveries and highlighting the absence of air traffic as a key advantage.

The overall trajectory suggests that Dubai is not only embracing drone technology for logistics but also exploring innovative applications that could reshape various aspects of daily life. The city's commitment to advancing in the drone industry reflects its proactive approach to emerging technologies.

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