Dubai Court Sentences Driver to 2 Years for Drug-Related Accident

The Dubai Traffic Court, presided over by Judge Ali Ahmed Mohammed Al-Badawi, has handed down a severe judgment against a 41-year-old Gulf man, sentencing him to two years in prison and suspending his driving license for six months.

Dubai Traffic Court Issues Stern Verdict for Driver Under the Influence

The ruling comes in response to the driver causing a serious traffic accident while under the influence of narcotics, resulting in two people sustaining severe injuries and extensive damage to public and private property.

A Consequence of Narcotic Influence

The defendant's conviction is the result of him operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, which prevented him from exercising the necessary caution. His recklessness and disregard for traffic signals, directional signs, and road markings led to a sudden leftward deviation, resulting in a collision with another vehicle in the same lane. Subsequently, the driver veered to the right and accelerated violently, ultimately colliding with a traffic light.

Upon reaching the accident scene, traffic experts and ambulance patrols discovered two seriously injured individuals. The accused driver exhibited abnormal behavior, prompting suspicion of narcotic influence. Subsequent examinations confirmed his use of narcotics. Following necessary legal procedures and obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution, the driver underwent a drug test, validating his substance abuse.

Legal Proceedings and Charges: Accountability for Reckless Behavior

The Head of Traffic and Traffic Prosecution, Attorney General Counselor Salah Boufarousha Al Falasi, emphasized that the prosecution initiated an immediate investigation into the incident. The accused faced four charges: drug and psychotropic substance consumption, driving under narcotic influence, causing bodily harm, and property destruction. The prosecution urged for stringent penalties against the defendant.

Court Ruling: Accountability Upheld

The court found the accused guilty based on his confessions before both the Public Prosecution and the court, along with supporting technical reports. Counselor Salah Boufarousha Al Falasi issued a call for heightened driver awareness, emphasizing the dangers associated with drug and psychotropic substance consumption while operating a vehicle.

Such behaviors compromise a driver's ability to make sound decisions and maintain control over their vehicle, leading to potentially disastrous consequences.

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