Dubai court orders a man to pay 50,000 dirhams fine and imprisonment for this reason

In a drug facilitation case, a Dubai court upheld the Asian man's deportation, five years in prison, and a 50,000 dirham fine.

Background and Denial:

Recently, the Court of Appeal in Dubai upheld a conviction that sentenced an Asian man to five years in prison, fined him 50,000 dirham, and ordered his deportation for selling crystal meth to his pals. The court discovered sufficient evidence that supported the established facts, even though the defendant denied it and claimed that his buddies had gotten the narcotics without him knowing.

Case Initiation and Investigation:

The case originated when the General Department of Narcotics Control at Dubai Police received credible information about two Asians involved in consuming narcotics. Subsequent investigations confirmed the information, leading the public prosecution to grant permission for further action.

When police arrived at the home of the suspects, they apprehended not just the five people they had set out to capture but also two more wanted men. Crystal meth was found, and the defendants confessed to having received it free from the accused, according to the analysis.

Defendant's Defense and Subsequent Investigations:

In subsequent investigations, the accused admitted to personal drug use, including hashish and crystal meth. However, he strongly denied the charge of facilitating drug use by others, asserting that the crystal meth found in his wallet had been placed there without his knowledge while he was sleeping.

Verdict and Key Considerations:

After reviewing the evidence and witness statements, the first-instance court found against the defendant. The allegations against him included drug usage and facilitation; he was sentenced to five years in prison, fined fifty thousand dirham, and ordered deported. The judgment was heavily influenced by the evidence presented by other defendants, who testified that they had obtained crystal meth from the accused without payment. According to the court, the defendant's efforts to disassociate himself from the accusations were not enough to avoid guilt.

Implications and Conclusion:

The ruling's emphasis on harsh punishments for drug facilitators and users reflects Dubai's tough attitude toward drug-related crimes. Aligning with the region's dedication to maintaining peace and order, the legal system employs such stringent measures to discourage people from participating in unlawful activities.

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