after fining her 10,000 dirhams for her internet purchases

Due to her online purchases, the woman was fined 10,000 dirhams and deported from the country by the Dubai Court, which upheld the Public Prosecution's decision.

The woman had been corresponding with sellers of prohibited items on social networking sites and asking to purchase them online.

A Dubai judge fined a lady 10,000 dirhams and ordered her deported due to her online purchasing behavior.

The Dubai Court decided that a lady should be deported from the country and fined 10,000 dirhams for her online purchases because she was corresponding with vendors of forbidden commodities on social networking sites and asking to buy them online. The Dubai Court affirmed this ruling and decided that the woman needed to be expelled from the nation.

Buying forbidden goods in the UAE is illegal and subject to penalties.

Purchasing any thing that is prohibited by law is forbidden in the United Arab Emirates. The accused communicated with an outsider who promotes illegal substances through social networking sites. The accused offender swallowed the controlled substance that the anonymous offender sent her, the court has decided. An Asian woman was involved in the "online" purchase of a large amount of crystal meth after she spoke with a drug dealer living in one of the Asian nations. She agreed to send the money to his account, and he used social media to send her the address where the drugs were hidden.

A UAE court is hearing the case of a woman who bought illegal narcotics online.

A lady is facing legal action in the United Arab Emirates for purchasing illicit drugs online. The woman was charged with using and transferring money to buy narcotics and purchasing illegal substances online. She was fined after being submitted to the Public Prosecution in Dubai and the Misdemeanor Court. The Court of Appeal then affirmed the decision, fining her and sentencing her with deportation as well as a two-year ban on transferring money directly to or through third parties. In the end, the woman received a fine as punishment. The same and the deportation in a comparable instance included an Asian young man who, while under the influence of hashish consumption, placed a significant amount of money in a bank account to buy the drug for personal use.

Transferring funds to buy goods that are forbidden in the United Arab Emirates is seen as illegal.

Transferring money with the intention of purchasing unlawful items is regarded as a criminal violation in the United Arab Emirates. According to the case's facts, the 42-year-old accused was communicating with a drug dealer outside of the nation when the General Department of Narcotics Control at Dubai Police conducted covert investigations. She deposited 600 dirhams into his account in exchange for sending him a map showing where she concealed a quantity of hashish that she had bought for this amount of money. The Dubai Police's General Department of Narcotics Control conducted the inquiry. She claimed to have obtained permission from the Public Prosecution to apprehend the defendant, raided her home, and took her to the General Department of Criminal Evidence, where a sample was taken and two narcotic substances were found to be present. The accused woman acknowledged having communication with another accused when questioned about it in the arrest report and during the Public Prosecution's investigation. Individuals from abroad, and the funds were moved to his account in exchange for a quantity of crystal meth that he concealed in his job, and he used a specialized app to send her a map of the location. Furthermore, the quantity of crystal meth he hid at his position was traded for the money.

A lady who bought illegal substances online in the United Arab Emirates faces punishment

disciplinary action was taken against a woman who bought illegal drugs online in the United Arab Emirates. The remaining supporting evidence, according to the court, satisfied it, and it was now beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused had taken the medication that the other accused had sent her. The court then chose to sentence her with the more serious of the two counts brought against her, but it also chose to show her pity. The court then decided that she would have to pay a fine equal to ten thousand dirhams. The Public Prosecution has appealed the decision, requesting the imposition of further deportation procedures in addition to blocking the transfer of monies. The Court of Appeal denied the appeal and approved the prosecution's request at the same time.

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