December will see more than 70 sporting events held in Dubai

Over 5500 athletes will compete in the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens from all over the world.

In cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council, 75 different international and competitive sports championships will take place in December in Dubai, with notable participation from a variety of social classes in the UAE and abroad.

A few of the top sporting competitions are the Gulf Classic Cars Championship, the Emirates Electric Scooter Championship, the Emirates Grand Prix Dragon Boat Race, the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, the Dubai International Fitness Championship, the World Artistic Swimming League, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge Cup, the International Gymnastics Cup, the UAE Rowing Championship, and the Middle East Martial Arts Championship.

The first-ever Middle Eastern electric scooter championship, the Dubai Electric Scooter Championship, is set for December 16 at Dubai Design District. The world's top riders will be competing on the fastest electric scooters on Dubai's roads, reaching speeds of over 140 kph.

On December 9 and 10, at Rashid Port, the Emirates Dubai Grand Prix Sailing Championship will make a comeback to Dubai. In collaboration with B and O Marinas, it will take place. The sixth stop of this global series, which has 13 stops worldwide in its fourth season, is the Dubai tour.

International teams from the USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Britain, New Zealand, Spain, and Switzerland compete in the tournament. Following its incredible triumph the previous year, Dubai Race has quickly integrated itself into the prosperous worldwide SailGP circuit. Renowned global cities like Bermuda, Chicago, Saint-Tropez, Sydney, and San Francisco are included in the international trip.

The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens is one of the most prestigious international sporting events in Dubai and the Middle East, drawing in over 5500 competitors from all over the world. Reputable international pros from 28 nations will compete among the 420 teams that will be present at the Sevens Stadium from December 1st to 3rd.

On December 13 and 14, 200 female swimmers from 15 countries—Italy, Russia, England, Azerbaijan, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Belarus, America, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, France, Georgia, and the United Arab Emirates—will compete in the World Artistic Swimming League at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

The Gulf Classic Cars Championship, a grand prix featuring historic Formula One races and vintage Group C cars, will be held at Dubai Autodrome from December 8–10.

The Shabab Al-Ahli Club in Al-Nahda will host the Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge Cup on December 2 and 3. There will also be an International Gymnastics Cup.

Dubai Festival City will host the Middle East Martial Arts Championship on December 1st. There will be three competitions: the Jungle Bell Martial Arts Championship, the National Day Speed Chess Championship, and the Middle East Modern Sailing Championship.

The 11th "Dubai International Fitness Championship," which will be held at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium from December 8–10, will bring together a notable collection of the best fitness professionals in the globe.

In accordance with the world ranking, participants have been named by direct nomination. To compete for valuable prizes totaling AED 1.4 million, 60 contestants—30 men and 30 women—who are the top fitness sport professionals and world champions from around the globe will take part in the event.

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