4-day rain alert issued by UAE

Monday was the nation's coldest day of the season, with temperatures falling below 10°C.

November 15–18 will have varying degrees of rain in the United Arab Emirates, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). The most recent weather notice was issued over the weekend following a 28-day streak of rain in the Emirates.

The entire nation is expected to be cloudy on Wednesday, November 15, with evening rains predicted. Thunder, lightning, and rain are predicted for the east, north, and coastal regions of the nation on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, the weather is expected to improve, with showers predicted and partly overcast conditions continuing in the east of the nation.

The weather in the UAE has been nice lately. On Monday, the nation saw its lowest temperature of the season, with Rakna, Al Ain, recording less than 10°C. Other places in Dubai, such as Al Marmoom and Lahbab, saw the day's lowest temperature of 13°C.

The NCM's five-day weather forecast indicates that Thursday will see even lower temperatures.

The UAE saw intense rain, thunderstorms, and hail from October 14 to November 10. It rained for almost a month in various regions of the country, flooding streets and valleys and gushing waterfalls off the hillsides. It was the first dry weekend in four weeks last weekend.

Despite the fact that the UAE is now experiencing its rainy season, an NCM specialist informed Khaleej Times that the amount of rain has beyond normal.

The previous weather pattern ended on November 10 after a month of thunderstorms, hail, and heavy rains that began on October 14. The outcome was cities and valleys inundated with water, with waterfalls gushing down from the mountains. It had been four weeks since the last dry weekend. The rains have been heavier than typical, according to NCM specialists, even though we are in the middle of the rainy season.

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