3-day weekend in UAE: National Day holiday And the expected weather

Are you excited to play beach volleyball or visit an open-air market? Here are some things to look forward to this long weekend.

UAE citizens have been anticipating organizing vacations or merely going outside to relax as the final long weekend of the year draws near.

Following a period of intense rain earlier in November, temperatures have drastically dropped nationwide, prompting an increase in the number of individuals organizing outdoor activities.

Here is a summary of what to expect over the long weekend for those who are looking forward to playing volleyball at the beach or visiting the open-air markets.

The National Centre of Meteorology says that on Saturday, December 2, there will be some clouds and a chance of light rain in some Eastern and Western locations.

At night, it will be humid, and there's a chance that certain coastal locations may create mist. There will be wind as well, although not very strong.

Your excursion to the beach will be safe because the conditions at sea may occasionally be mild to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and modest in the Oman Sea!

Sunday, December 3 will also see some cloud cover. In certain parts of the nation, little rainfall is thus to be expected.

It will be lovely and windy outside with light to moderate winds that occasionally pick up pace to 35 kmph.

On Monday, December 4, there will be a general partly overcast sky with low clouds forming over several Western coastal locations and islands.

Winds from the Northwest to the Northeast that are light to moderate and can reach speeds of up to 30 kmph. The Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea will see mild sea conditions.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology's weather forecast, there is a chance of rain and nice wind during the long weekend. Therefore, before you leave on the public holiday, remember to grab your umbrella!

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