10,000 dirhams fine and expulsion from the Emirates for foreigners in certain situations

In situations where it is established that foreign nationals have transferred funds to buy illegal items like drugs, they may be subject to a fine of 10,000 dirhams and possible deportation from the UAE.

If expatriates are found guilty of these offenses, their punishment will be 10,000 dirhams fined in addition to their expulsion from the Emirates.

If it is demonstrated that a foreign national living in the United Arab Emirates transferred funds to buy illicit goods, such drugs, the foreign national could face legal repercussions, including a 10,000 dirham fine and possibly even deportation.

An foreign national was deported from the Emirates and fined 10,000 dirhams by a court order.

A court ruling resulted in an expat being ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams and be deported from the Emirates. Upon confirmation of the findings from the police investigations and Public Prosecution, the Misdemeanor Court decided to deport the Asian and sentence him 10,000 dirhams. This happened after it was established beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused paid for a large quantity of hashish by depositing money into the bank account of an international drug trafficker. Additionally, the accused can be deported from the nation. The Dubai Court recently rendered a decision against an Asian employee of the Emirates. The woman was sentenced to be deported from the United Arab Emirates, fined 10,000 dirhams, and was not allowed to transfer money. The woman had communicated with the accused individual online and paid money to her address outside of the United Arab Emirates in order to buy some illegal substances. This was the basis for the verdict.

Police in Dubai apprehend offenders who sell drugs and those who purchase them.

The Dubai Police have the authority to arrest drug dealers as well as purchasers. A work team from Dubai Police's General Department of Narcotics Control performed study and investigation and verified the accuracy of the information, according to an investigation. The accused was then taken into custody by the Dubai Police in the Business Bay region after they had taken all the required legal actions. A transparent plastic bag containing hashish was found in the accused's car during the arrest. Examination further demonstrated that it was caused by drug use, and during questioning for the police evidence report and the Public Prosecution's investigations, the accused acknowledged that he had deposited money into a bank account to purchase a large amount of drugs. As a result, the elements of the crime were met against him, and the court of first instance fined and deported him.

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