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IDP Egypt has had a very successful cooperation with NAVITAS Professional for the past ten years, and we have even more to offer international students.

With high and medium-sized universities, Navitas has a variety of collaboration agreements in place to support students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Let me briefly introduce you to NAVITAS Professional and IDP Egypt.

The biggest supplier of services related to international education worldwide is IDP. We support international students studying in nations where English is the primary language. Our success is derived from placing students in the appropriate program, college, or other institution, and place of study.

We have partnerships with more than 800 of the best universities, colleges, and schools in the world, including those in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Through the Australian professional development and training program Navitas, young professionals, graduates, and tertiary students can find employment and benefit from training and mentoring from prominent domestic and international businesses.

The abilities that students gain from these programs will help them progress in their business careers. The group provides Work Integrated Learning programs that are tailored for partners in industry, higher education, and vocational training.

Why is Navitas collaborating with IDP?

Since Navitas offers a foundation year that prepares students for entry into top or intermediate level institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we are happy to have it on our list. Over the past 50+ years, IDP has connected international students with the best universities and educational organizations around the world. Navitas can help you find the ideal program for you.

How may students benefit from IDP and Navitas?

IDP and Navitas collaborate to create a study abroad route map for students. Students can find a range of partial scholarship options at partner colleges with the assistance of Navitas. offers bachelor's and postgraduate degrees, English language instruction, and vocational training in addition to pre-university and university pathway programs. However, the IDP assists them by arranging for lodging, pre-departure counseling, and the expediting of the admissions and visa procedures.

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