World Cup gives Emirati businessman more than 100 free tickets for blue-collar workers

Anees Sajan gave his team members 100 tickets for the India-Pakistan match, and some other matches in the tournament

A Dubai businessman gives free tickets to 100 blue-collar workers for the most awaited men's T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan on October 24.

Anis Sajan is the Vice Chairman of Danube Group, a well known cricket enthusiast, will distribute 100 tickets for the India-Pakistan T20 match to the workers of his company.

Another 100 for the Afghanistan-Pakistan match and another 100 for India against the team that qualified for the semi-finals and finals.

Known as Mr. Cricket Emirates due to his passion for the game, Sajjan has taken it upon himself to fulfill the dreams of these workers to watch the outstanding India vs Pakistan match live at the famous Dubai Stadium.

He said that since Indo-Pakistan matches are not held often and they only clash once in 2-4 years,

He decided to give his hard-working blue-collar team a reason to smile by not just making a free donation.

tickets, while also allowing them to take half a day off work. Workers will also be given free transportation to the stadium and food packages.

Not only that, but the workers will also get their favorite T-shirts, jackets and hats of Mr. Cricket UAE.

And for those who will not be able to go to the stadium, the company has arranged special offers in some of its warehouses.

This is the first T20 World Cup in the UAE, and the confrontation between India and Pakistan is one of the most sought after due to the huge number of expats.

Of these two countries living in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the clubs and entertainment venues that will broadcast the match live on the big screens are already fully booked with people waiting to watch the action.

Quite a few cricket lovers from different parts of the world also fly in like USA, England, India and Pakistan, to watch the match live at the stadium.

A Danube Group statement read: “It is a known fact that this match is an iconic match and is watched by Indians and Pakistanis, no matter what part of the world they are in.

Be it a worker or a billionaire, everyone is emotionally invested in this match. No major activity is planned at this time, all attention is focused only on the match.

Only the privileged people can see all the action live on the field. However, watching such a game live is a far-fetched dream for blue-collar employees

who work all day to make ends meet. This time, the Vice President of Danube Group has taken it upon himself to fulfill the dreams of these workers by distributing tickets for the India-Pakistan match on October 24, 2021,

Which will take place in the Ring of Fire, the famous Dubai Stadium. Transportation has also been taken care of for these workers to go to the stadium with their food packages.”

Sajan will also distribute tickets for the India vs A2 match on November 5, the opponent to be decided at a later time.

Commenting on the initiative, Sajan said: “We are also trying to get tickets for the semi-finals as well as the final matches, and who knows they might see their favorite teams India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Sagan added, “I have been fortunate enough to live my passion for cricket all these years, and the best way to share my passion is to distribute tickets to the less fortunate and put a smile on their face.”

On his own plans to watch the India-Pakistan match, Sajjan said he was more than happy to watch it at home, where he arranged a show with a group of his friends, who are a mix of Indians and Pakistanis.