Urgent provision of health insurance for non-Qatari employees

Health insurance is now mandatory for visitors and expats

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed on Tuesday that the mandatory health insurance system will be applied to all arrivals and visitors to Qatar,

According to a new law relating to health care.

The insurance coverage document provides for the provision of basic health care services to workers through care providers in government and private health facilities.

This imposes an obligation on employers to provide non-Qatari employees with health insurance through companies registered with the Ministry of Public Health.

The law will enter into force six months after its issuance and publication in the Official Gazette by April 2022.

During this time, services will continue to be provided to all residents, and details regarding law enforcement and the health insurance system will be available to the public in the coming days.

It is worth mentioning that the new insurance system is expected to develop the health sector and services provided to the public by addressing and alleviating the challenges imposed on the health care sector due to the steady population growth in Qatar.

It is also expected to reduce waiting times in government-run health facilities in Qatar and to provide appointments for medical consultations easily and quickly in order to meet the health and safety needs of patients while also maintaining the highest level of quality.