UAE and support for the Palestinians

Council meeting today to discuss the situation in the Middle East

The UAE, at a meeting of the UN Security Council this week, stressed the need for Israel to assume its responsibilities in accordance with international law and relevant UN resolutions, including providing protection to Palestinian civilians.

The Council met today to discuss the situation in the Middle East, which included addressing the Palestinian issue and Israel's plans to use the occupied territories to build new settlements.

He was joined by the UN Special Envoy for the Middle East, Norway's Tor Wenesland, Daniel Levy, Chair of the US/Middle East Project, Gilad Erdan, Israel's envoy to the US and the UN, and Hanan Ashrawi, leader of Palestinian political and civil society. .

(WAM) stated, calling for an end to the construction and expansion of settlements, the confiscation and demolition of Palestinian properties, and the forced displacement of residents.

The statement also called for the continuation of the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, stressing the importance of de-escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Demonstrating its long-standing commitment to improving the lives of Palestinians, the UAE contributed more than $883 million in aid from 2013 to 2021, including through UNRWA, and urged other countries to follow suit, “particularly in light of the difficult humanitarian and economic conditions exacerbated by conditions due to the Covid-19 epidemic.”

In a "welcome development," Mr. Wennesland reported that Palestinian and Israeli officials have registered 4,000 unregistered Palestinians in the West Bank and that they will be given identification documents.

Mr. Erdan, during his statement before the council, excluded Ms. Ashrawi's presence, noting that she denounced Ibrahim's agreements. He accused her of belonging to a platform that spreads anti-Semitic propaganda.

“The council could instead give a platform to Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs working to create coexistence,” said Mr. Erdan.

Representatives from France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ireland, Estonia, Niger, Tunisia, India and Russia also attended.