Saudi e-visa: demand for Umrah in the United Arab Emirates is rising; journeys begin at Dh600

Saudi e-visa: Umrah is a year-round pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any time.

The availability of inexpensive Umrah packages and e-visas has encouraged many locals to make the trip a few times a year.

Travel between the UAE and Saudi Arabia is thought to have surged as a result, according to umrah operators.

Shihab Parwad of Rehan Al Jazeera Tourism remarked, "The e-visa has prompted us to design cost-effective packages, catering to the growing demand for spiritual journeys."

These affordable packages, which begin at just Dh600 per person, are not only handy but also reasonably priced because they are made for bus travel. This 10-day package including bus travel is available through the DoJoin App for people who already have a 1-year Umrah e-visa.

The Umrah is a year-round pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any time. It involves prayers at holy mosques, the "tawaf" around the Kaaba, and the "sai'i" between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Men remove their Ihram by shaving their heads at the conclusion of Umrah, a custom known as "taqseer."

Operators of Umrah pilgrimages have provided packages for singles, families, couples, and coworkers in response to the growing demand for these trips. The options available include a one-year e-visa for Umrah, an included Umrah visa, or no visa (for those who already possess one). Bus packages are available for Dh600, Dh1,700, and higher. According to Parwad, "the luxury of the lodging and food determines the cost of the package."

Package begins with a flight for Dh 2,000.

Parwad stated that depending on the flight tickets, the price of a package via air starts at Dh2,000. We occasionally manage to get inexpensive flights from Abu Dhabi. The package cost is greatly reduced in this method. But as of right now, the price starts at Dh3,000," Parwad stated.

premium packages

The pilgrimage process has been simplified by these operators, making it more accessible to anyone who wish to make the holy trek. According to experts, a lot of the locals favor luxury packages that start at Dh3,900.

"We have customized a few opulent packages for inhabitants possessing or lacking Umrah visas. The journey originates in Dubai or Sharjah, and there are 4- and 5-star hotels around Ka'aba," Asaa Tourism Manager Qaiser Mehmood stated.

Additionally, experts have advised locals to schedule an appointment for Tawaf and reserve the appropriate flight and lodging at least 15 days in advance of their travel.

According to Mehmood, "some airlines do not permit passengers with a tourist visa, and a 1-year multiple Umrah visa is a requirement to fly on these flights."

Mehmood observed that a lot of pilgrims plan their own itineraries and then attempt to reserve lodging after they get in Makkah. "Holy locations have a high rate of pre-booked hotels, making room availability limited. To accommodate more pilgrims, more hotels are being built, according to Mehmood.

Experts also mentioned that individuals can land at any Saudi Arabian airport if they choose to conduct the Umrah using a tourist visa or a multiple entry Umrah visa. Mehmood stated, "To perform 'Tawaf,' one must log into the 'Nusuk App' and book an appointment, time, and day."

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