The release of the guilty in political cases is on the way

Pardon those convicted in political and opinion cases

There are indications that an Emiri decree will soon be issued to grant amnesty to those convicted in political cases. Several MPs have shared the hashtag “Prince of Amnesty” on their Twitter accounts. Also, 38 deputies signed a statement regarding presenting an initiative to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, asking him to pardon those convicted in political and opinion issues. They expressed their appreciation for His Highness the Amir's call for a national dialogue aimed at ending differences. They stressed the deputies' keenness to observe the Emiri directives and their commitment to paving the way for a new start away from differences to advance the wheel of national reconciliation. They added that the current regional and international challenges require that Kuwait maintain national unity and work to achieve reconciliation in accordance with laws, regulations and the constitution.

the Conference on Ways of Developing Sports and Implementing Sports Professionalism continued for the second day at the National Assembly theater on Tuesday. The conference focused on the development of sports clubs, with the participation of the President of the Arab Sports Club, Abdulaziz Ashour, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazma Club Asaad Al-Banwan, and the Secretary of the Kuwaiti Handball Federation, Qaid Al-Adwani. The session director, MP Abdullah Al-Tariji, also pointed out that the participants are prominent sports personalities who are fully aware of the shortcomings and how to address them. He said that transparent discussion is necessary to achieve the desired results, indicating that a report on the results of the conference will be submitted to the deputies later.

On the other hand, Ashour listed ways to address problems and restore Kuwait to its advanced position among the Gulf states and Asia. He also said that the lack of stadiums prompted the teams to conduct training and matches on the same stadium, which is what happens only in Kuwait. He suggested allocating yards for sports clubs to be used as temporary stadiums where athletes can undergo training. He stressed the need to ensure professionalism in sports by appointing athletes as employees of the Public Authority for Sports (PAS) until their retirement. He said the total number of athletes is now estimated at 2,000; Hence the need to ratify legislation specific to sports.

The head of the General News Authority confirmed that the authority is doing everything in its power to support sports clubs and associations. He said that the authority requested a budget of 150 million dinars, but the Ministry of Finance approved only 85 million dinars. Written by Saeed Mahmoud Saleh, Arab Times staff