Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Public Works

The Minister of Public Works, Dr. Rana Al-Faris, recently amended the assistant undersecretaries; Including Engineer Walid Al-Ghanim

Assistant Undersecretary for the Sanitary Engineering Sector, and Eng. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Enezi as Assistant Under-Secretary for the Governmental Center Sector and his mission in the Major Projects Sector, Eng. Abdul-Aziz Al-Sabah, as Assistant Under-Secretary.

For the maintenance sector, and Eng. Abdullah Al-Sabah as assistant undersecretary for the planning and development sector, Al-Qabas daily reports. The daily obtained a copy of the decision appointing Eid Al-Rashidi in the oversight and auditing sector.

And Eng. Ayed Abdullah Al-Azmi in the consulting sector, Kefaya Al-Najdi in the financial and administrative affairs sector, and Eng. Ghoneim. Al-Mutairi for the coordination and follow-up sector.

Meanwhile, Kuwait University issued a decision to double the registration fees for paper-based academic aptitude tests to 10 dinars per subject,

And that the increase is based on the approval of the Supreme Council of the University, as reported by Al-Qabas daily. The newspaper obtained a copy of the circular issued by the Acting Rector of the University, Dr. Badr Al-Badawi, which indicates that this increase will be applied starting from the 2021/2022 academic year.